This project was terminated 05/19/2017

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What is Skynet?
Designed for the staff of Robocraft Skynet provides information archiving functionality.
This provides the volunteer Moderators, Administrators and official Freejam employees the ability to view logged suspensions done. The staff are able to log suspensions and pull up information regarding each suspension 24/7 via Skynet. Ontop of that they can view all the logged suspensions at once and search for suspensions containing certain text.

Skynet is deployed on the Robocraft Moderators server as a private specialized bot.

Commands Help

!help DM's you a help message!help
!add Adds a user to the database!add Username Status Staff Reason
!updateUpdates a user log
!update username 'action' or 'staff' or 'reason' new text
!viewDisplays the report regarding the specified user
!view Tommyfoxy2
!searchSearches for users containing the specified text!search Tommy
!deleteDeletes a user from the database!delete Tommyfoxy2
!listallSends a PM of every user in the database!listall
!addhackAdd's a hacker to the database!addhack username status staff proof
!updatehackUpdates a hacker log!updatehack username 'action' or 'staff' or 'reason' new text
!viewhackDisplays the log regarding the specified hacker!viewhack username
!searchhackLets you search for hackers in the batabase!searchhack Tommy
!deletehackDeletes a hacker from the database
!deletehack Tommy
!listallhackSends a PM of all hacking bans!listallhack